Game Play

Ragnarok Sarah Server follows the Ragnarok Online lore. Currently set in Episode 3: Comodo, players may explore Rune Midgard by manually travelling between maps or through the Kafra teleportation services.

Character Creation:

RSS’s level up system is based on the default Ragnarok Online setup, with additional tweaks to integrate tokenization. 75 Ymir Coin is required per character to enter Midgard in order to start leveling, which can be personalized by the players (name, sex, hair color, hair style). Every month the requirement will increase by 5 Ymir coin until we reach 100 Ymir Coin. The 75 Ymir Coin is just an introductory rate for early Investors.

Leveling UP:

The server implements a 1x rate for base and job levels. Players can level up their characters by killing monsters throughout Rune Midgard.

Equipment's and Cards:

  • Equipment's and Cards will only be available and can be bought through Ymir Shop.

  • Every week, there will be 5 random Equipment's or Cards available on the shop per account.

  • Shop will reset every Monday 00:00 AM Server Time.

  • You can buy all 5 random Equipment's or cards for 1x each only per rotation.

  • Boss Cards / Mini Boss cards are enabled but will only be available through auction quarterly Once WoE Starts.

  • God Items will also be implemented through auction in the future.

Changing Jobs:

Novices with maximum job levels are automatically forfeited from earning more experience and drops. Novices with job level 10 may ascend to any of the first job classes: acolyte, archer, mage, merchant, swordsman, and thief. Once these first job classes reach job level 40-50, they may proceed to the second and alternative(soon) job classes: priest, monk, knight, crusader, blacksmith, alchemist, hunter, bard/dancer, wizard, sage, assassin, and rogue.

Daily Quest:

RoKs are earned by Doing Daily Quest. The maximum amount of daily RoKs is based on the following table: Requires at least 3 characters per account to earn from daily quest. Additional 100 RoKs for every additional 2 character per account(soon). RoKs can only be claimed after 15 days.

WEEKLY and Monthly Quest:

  • TBA

RoKs Token to Ymir coins conversion will base on the current Ymir Coin price. This is to protect investors from losses due to fluctuations in the market. To illustrate, take, for example, the current market price for one ymir coin (YMIR) is at 1 PHP. A scholar earns 1,500 RoKs, which can be converted to 1,500 YMIR. If YMIR goes up to 2 PHP the following day, the 1,500 RoKs earned for that day is equivalent to 750 YMIR. The team behind RSSY believes that this approach offers more security, protection, and a guaranteed return on investment (ROI) for all investors. Fluctuations on YMIR price on the market will not have a direct effect on the number of RoKs earnings.

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