One of the most exciting moments in playing Ragnarok is the Seasonal Events such as WoE (War of Emperium), Regionals, RPC (Ragnarok Philippine Championship), and RWC (Ragnarok World Championship).

Thousands of Players around the world are waiting for these kinds of events and battling to be the number 1 Guild in their Country.

And given that there is RWC, each country participating in this event can’t contain the hunger for the title.

People are preparing their weapons, shields, armor, boots, and everything else that will help them become more competitive in the game.

Not to mention the accessories, cards, and most importantly, the support from all the guild members as well as the recruits to conquer certain territories.

YMIR Competition will let player-created guilds go through a challenge and test their courage in large-scale player versus player battles.

The guilds that emerge strong and victorious are always rewarded which makes the players put their best foot forward at all times.

The Guild-vs-Guild system will be similar to the original mechanics where a number of Guilds will face off one another to conquer certain territories.

The guild who breaks the Emperium crystal will keep the city and become its defender and must fight against other guilds who will attempt to contest the base.

War of Emperium is one way to prove how tough and powerful your guild is.

If the guild makes it to the best of the bests, they will have the chance to join the next level of tournament and play for the Regionals and Ragnarok Philippine Championship.

Teams competing in these tournaments consist of 9-10 players battling each team representing their guilds and servers.

Whoever won the grand prize will have the chance to play for the Ragnarok World Championship.

As soon as each server’s teams decide their players, they will be sent to the predetermined location of the actual RWC and compete, deciding who are the best players among all Ragnarok Online Users.

Back in the day, these tournaments were undeniably one of the biggest scaled competitions in the global gaming business.

Our biggest goal is to bring back the game and its community to where we can be champions again.

And we believe that the game still has a strong influence in the Philippines or the world even now.

Seasonal War Of Emperium

Suggested rewards when the seasonal WoE event starts. Starts. Note this can be adjusted base on our current market cap.


RPC stands for Ragnarok Philippine Championship, a very well-known event to most online players in the Philippines. One of our goals is to have our own RPC Events wherein, the top tier guilds yearly will have to compete and become the number 1 Guild in the country. RPC is where thousands of players in the country gather together to attend and witness the most iconic events in Ragnarok History. But it doesn't end there, the strongest players who can make it to the top will have to prepare for the next challenge -- the RWC.

RWC stands for Ragnarok World Championship. Despite the current situation of many countries, it’s hard to imagine the possibility of this event. However, with the rise of blockchain technology and NFT, we believe that we can make this happen.

So how is this even possible?

Every server has a limit to the players it can cater to, which means that we need to add more additional channels. These channels could be region-based wherein every channel to be added will represent each country. Thus, every server/region represents one of the candidates for the RWC. Every region will have its own National Tournament and the Server Champion will represent their country in the upcoming RWC. As our community grows, more regions will be added, and we can’t imagine how exciting it is when the time comes.

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