Long Term Sustainability

Ragnarok Sarah Server is a platform that incorporates two worlds into one: virtual gaming and market reality. In the past, the usual end term of online games was lost time and money after the hype died down. In some cases, developers fail to maintain the game and the community, resulting in the collapse of both the company and the players’ enjoyment. RSS do not want that.

Game assets should represent ownership with accompanying intrinsic value. With the revolution of NFTs, in-game items and possessions can no longer be monopolized by the game developers. They are now tokenized, retaining the players’ full ownership and independent selling rights.

RSS operates a 100% player-owned, real money economy. The developers promote a growing peer to peer (p2p) economy, where players are given the freedom to buy, sell, and trade their assets. The team only takes a small amount of fees to monetize these transactions. In general, RSSY can be viewed as a small country with a real economy, with each stakeholder representing a certain sector.

Population growth plays a significant role in the RSS ecosystem. Inflation rate holds a key factor in sustainability; there has to be a balance between supply and demand that will allow RSS to reach an ideal inflation rate. RSS relies on the following factors to continue strike this balance:

  • Additional features and events

  • Future player vs player (PvP)

  • Weapon or Equipment boxes that will generate random stats(this mean every item will be unique in their own ways)

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