Holders may earn additional YMIR through staking their RoKs Token. Holders who would want to stake their investment need to convert their YMIR into RoKs; hence, burning YMIR Coin. In an instance when more Holders stake their coins, YMIR prices will go up as supplies are decreasing.

Holders can stake their RoKs through our website or Ymir Pay Apps at 15% APR Initially for the first Year. Staking returns will be 10% for the succeeding years.


Assuming the current value of Ymir Coin is 1.00PHP. Player a has 1,000,000 YMIR converted to 1,000,000 RoKs for staking. Let say after 6 months, the total RoKs is 1,500,000 just from staking alone then YMIR price is around 10.00PHP due to a lot of people are staking. If you convert 1.5m RoKs to YMIR, only 150,000 YMIR will be minted base on the value of YMIR, this means that 850,00 YMIR coin was burned just by staking Alone.

Un-staking RoKs:

Un-staking RoKs will have a 3 day waiting period before it will reflect on your account. This is to prevent from manipulating the market price as well as pump and dump.

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