Play to Earn means you can earn money, or assets by playing the game. This is through the ability to acquire in-game items that you can sell for hard cash, or use to make you become more competitive in-game.

Players with owned assets and who devote their time to be fierce in the game are phenomenal to us and in the future or gaming.

Virtual currency tokens and NFTs can pave the way to achieve this.

But what if you want other ways to take advantage of your hard-earned rewards?

Introducing, YMIR Pay.

A convenient mobile wallet and a good alternative payment method. YMIR Pay enables you to do almost any translation and works like GCash App from Globe Telecom.

In simplest terms, YMIR Pay is mobile money or e-money that allows you to pay bills, send or receive money to small merchants.

Through YMIR Pay, it allows you to do these transactions anytime and anywhere without going to the bank or the need to withdraw money.

YMIR Pay removes the risk of getting your rewards lost or stolen.

You also have the option to link your credit/debit cards for online services or purchases.

To shed some light on this, here are the things you can expect from using YMIR Pay:

A. Make transactions online or in-store.

  • As soon as the store partnered with us to use YMIR Pay as one of its payment options, you can simply check out your purchased items and pay directly using your available YMIR Coin funds.

B. Pay bills.

  • YMIR Pay will allow you to pay most utility bills without the need of leaving your house.

Here is the list of bills that we are aiming to work on:

  • Electric utilities

  • Water utilities

  • Cable/Internet

  • Telecoms

  • Credit Cards

  • Loans

  • Government Insurance

  • Transportation

  • Real Estate

  • Healthcare

  • Schools

C. Send or transfer Funds.

  • If your YMIR Pay is funded, you can send or transfer any amount to most people anywhere.

D. Withdraw Funds.

You can do this when you’ve earned enough funds in your wallet and you want to take out a portion or all of it into physical money.

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